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Corrugated Cake Boxes

  Corrugated cake boxes are strong and durable used to display, promote, transport and package almost every baked product from brownies, cupcakes, pastries, cakes plus many more products. Corrugated cake boxes still reign today as the number one preferred form of transport cakes.   What are Corrugated Cakes Boxes made of? Corrugated card boxes or “combined board” has two main components: the liner and the medium. Both are made of a special kind of heavy paper called containerboard. Linerboard is the flat material, typically on the outer surfaces of the board but also on the inside for some structures, that adheres to the medium. Medium is the paper that is formed into arches or flutes on the single facer and...

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Recipes for Cake & Cupcake Boxes

Cupcakes are a delicious edible delight, capable of brightening up even the gloomiest face alongside cupcake boxes. This single, bite-sized cake is packed with deliciousness. Cupcakes are loved by adults and kids, all the same. You may serve it at a kids' birthday party or even at a formal event, and everyone would cherish the dessert, no questions asked. I have tried and mastered baking cupcakes, cakes, and also brownies. Here I share with you my personal best recipe for making soft and tasty cupcakes to go into your cupcake boxes Chocolate cupcakes Ingredients Baking powder ¾ tsp Cocoa powder ½ cup Flour 3/4th cup Baking soda ½ tsp Salt ¼ tsp 1 cup sugar 2 large eggs 150grams butter...

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Single Cupcake Boxes UK

Single cupcake boxes UK specialist supplier. We supply lovely, stylish and elegant single cupcake boxes to package, present or transport your cupcakes. Our  single cupcake boxes come complete with inserts and a little window to showcase you cupcakes. If you are looking for cupcake boxes to buy for your event, you have come to the right place. We are the go to specialist cake and cupcake boxes supplier in UK and over the coming months we will be taking you if time permits through a showcase. The first one being the single cupcake box below with a decorative edge and a window. Single cupcake boxes UK specialist supplier. You can find out more and the whole selection of our single cupcake boxes in...

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