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Berry Polka Dot Cupcake Cases x 100 - cake boxes, cupcake boxes, thecakeboxes

Berry Polka Dot Cupcake Cases x 100

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Beryy Polka Dot Cupcake CasesThe cupcake cases you buy from us are carefully selected by us. If you are a baker, a retailer, a crafter, a market staller., a wholesaler or a company our cupcake cases do cmplete and make it easier to manage your cupcake baking projects either big or small.Our cupcake cases are greasyproof.Just looking at these cupcake cases makes us want to bake cupcakes – their vintage-inspired designs are just the ticket for girly get-togethers and birthday teas! Bake a dozen individual cupcakes. 5cm Dia. x 3cm H. (2" x 1"). .



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