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Cupcake Boxes for 12 - cake boxes, cupcake boxes, thecakeboxes

Cupcake Boxes for 12

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WHITE CUPCAKE BOXES FOR 12 complete with window and inserts.

Pop up/ Easy Erect white cupcake boxes with a film window and a 12 cavity insert ideal for cupcakes, muffins or cookies

Dimensions H = 3" 75mm (7.5cm) Approx W = 10" 242mm (24cm) Approx L = 13" 330mm (33cm) ApproxQuantity:

The cupcake boxes come with a multi width insert to hold any cake case up to 6cm in width. Search terms: cupcakes - cupcake - cup cake boxes - cup cakes - muffin - muffins - muffin cases - muffin case - cake cases - cupcake boxes - cupcake box - cup cake box - 12 cupcake box - 12 cupcake boxes.



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